Embrace your Imperfections

Embrace your Imperfections

Perfectionism can impact Anxiety and Panic disorder

  • Low self esteem and highly critical of oneself
  • You Procrastinate a lot
  • You make lots of lists
  • You find it hard to relax
  • You always have to look good
  • You never feel good enough
  • You often feel guilty
  • You need recognition and approval from others
  • Analysis paralysis ( procrastination/ frustration)
  • You avoid anything you may not be good at
  • Black and white thinking/all or nothing
  • You think in extremes 
  • You need to be liked, popular and respected.
  • You don’t delegate
  • You find it difficult completing things, just in case it’s not quite good enough
  • You use words such as should, need, must 
  • Others approval dictates your levels of confidence
  • You find it difficult letting go of things that you messed up
  • You have high expectations of yourself and others
  • You find it difficult concentrating in a messy environment
  • Too many choices can be paralysing.

Do you recognise any of these characteristics within yourself?

If so, then perhaps you are more of a perfectionist than you realise. Anxiety and depression can often go hand in hand with perfectionism. This is pretty understandable given the amount of pressure you put on yourself to avoid the feeling that you are not good enough.

In my work, I often find that some people who present with generalised anxiety and panic attacks do not recognise that  certain traits and beliefs they have reveal a propensity to perfectionism. Often this realisation can be the first step to reducing anxiety.

Different types of perfectionism

Socially prescribed – A belief that to gain the approval of others one has to be perfect.

Self orientated – Needs oneself to be perfect.

Other orientated – One has a need for others to be perfect.

If you have just had a light bulb moment reading this, that’s good news. You are now in a position to take some control back instead of feeling powerless. Do some research on the web, read some books about overcoming perfectionism. If you feel you need some help please get in touch. I’d be delighted to have a chat with you regarding how I can help.

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