Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking In Cheshire

Are You Finally Ready To Quit Smoking

  • Have you had enough but just can’t seem to be able to stop smoking?
  • Are you afraid that if you stop smoking you will put on weight?
  • Are you avoiding going through the withdrawal symptoms?
  • Do you believe that smoking helps relieve stress and aids relaxation?
  • Do you think that you just don’t have any willpower?
  • Do you believe you are addicted?

These are just a few of the reason why most people don’t manage to quit cigarettes for good.

Do you know

That one of the largest scientific studies undertaken, combining results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people across Europe and America, confirmed that hypnosis was over 3 times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times more effective than the willpower method.

It’s Not Magic

There is no magic to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, it can be a powerful way to help you achieve many things in life, but there are no guarantees because it really does depend on how much effort you are willing to put in - and just a little bit of effort can go an awful long way. Hypnotherapy will help you build a much stronger internal desire and belief in your ability to finally stop smoking for good, but, you really must want to.

  • If you want to quit smoking for your children.
  • If your doctor says you need to.
  • If you're being pressured to quit by family and friends.

Then its unlikely hypnotherapy will be effective for you.

Why Do You Want To Quit?

Most people believe the reason they want to give up smoking is because they will feel healthier, fitter, smell better, save money, live longer etc.  The problem is , they actually enjoy smoking and often feel there will be a gaping hole left where smoking used to be.

Think of it this way.  How would your favourite nephew feel if you came over and took his favourite toy away from him, he'd be very upset. However, if you were to replace his toy with an even bigger and better toy, he'd soon forget about his old toy. Do you get the jist?

Well, its a very similar concept when it comes to smoking. We tend to want immediate rewards. So, all those beliefs we have about feeling fitter, healthier, saving money, having fresh breath when we give up smoking, don't actually give us that immediate sense of satisfaction. No wonder people often get stressed, moody, stroppy, angry and depressed when they quit smoking by willpower alone. People want their rewards and benefits NOW - not in five/ten/twenty years time.

How would you like to feel as a Non Smoker

  • A huge sense of achievement and pleasure when you realise you are a non smoker.
  • A recognition that thoughts of smoking no longer enter your mind and you no longer habitually reach for a cigarette.
  • A feeling of freedom from that thing you perhaps felt dominated by.
  • More confident, more relaxed and a wonderful feeling of being in control.

These are just some of the thing you are likely to experience after one 90 minute hypnotherapy session. So, if you'd like to experience a feeling of achievement, satisfaction and control, a feeling of calmness and well-being whenever you're in a situation where you would normally have a cigarette, then why not give me a call.

You are welcome to call me for a no obligation, informal chat. Or alternatively, send me a text and I will be more than happy to call you.  

I very much look forward to hearing from you.  Get in touch 07968 109402


Frequently Asked Questions about Stopping Smoking

Q. Will I be 'under', or 'out of control' during the session? 
A. No. You will be relaxed, in a very light state of hypnosis.....fully alert and fully in control at all times. You can speak, move, open your eyes or do anything else you would like to do.... you DO NOT have to be in a 'stage hypnosis' type of trance - just a very light, relaxed state.

Q. Do you offer any sort of 'Guarantees', or 'money back if it doesn't work'?
A. No, I don't offer any guarantees - and in my opinion no professional therapist should. YOU need to accept some responsibility for YOUR smoking habit, and YOU need to put some effort in if you want to stop - nobody can do it for you. I can help make it very easy for you, but I cannot do it for you. 

Q. What happens if I stop smoking, but start again in six months time?
A. This is very unlikely to happen:  when you to stop smoking, your  belief system about smoking will have changed as well, which means you become a 'non smokers’ not an ‘ex-smokers’.  If you did go back to smoking, there would likely have been some big emotional trauma that precipitated it.  In this situation, I would discuss with you about whether it was reasonable to have another session.

Q. Is every smoker suitable for this treatment?
A. Yes, unless they have a history of psychoses.

Q. Will I need gum, patches. placebos, Zyban or anything else to help me?
A. No. Nothing.

Q. Do I need to put in any effort?
A. Yes you do. There is NO MAGIC to hypnosis - it is an AID to you, it will HELP YOU, but it WILL NOT do it for you. You need to pay attention during the session, you need to be honest during the session, and you need to put some effort into the session.