Want to stop smoking in 2022 – Maybe it’s all in your head…..

Want to stop smoking in 2022 – Maybe it’s all in your head…..

Stop smoking! Easier said than done if your a smoker – but if you really want to stop, just one 90 minute session can help you to become a non smoker. Hypnosis is over 3 times more effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times more effective than the willpower method.

Hypnotherapy will help you build a much stronger internal desire and belief in your ability to finally stop smoking for good.

Finding it hard to quit smoking is just a belief . If you believe you are addicted and it’s hard for you to stop then it stands to reason that you will find it difficult – are you with me so far?

So, if you believe you can do something, for example – learning a new skill, you will put 100% effort into learning that skill – a bit like when you learnt to ride a bike!  eventually it became easy and a new habit is formed.

Hypnotherapy will help you change your belief system enabling you to quit smoking easily. Talk to Ailsa about your reasons for wanting to stop smoking and finally lose the smoking habit for good.

You can find out more on my page cheshirehypnotherapist.co.uk/stop-smoking/

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