Do you often struggle to keep your weight under control?

If you’ve found that other methods haven’t helped, hypnotherapy could support you in your weight loss goals.

Motivation and self-belief can play a big part in the journey of losing weight. Often, the biggest reasons people fail to stay on track are psychological. Hypnotherapy can help you address your relationship with food and drink, whether it’s what’s driving your need to overeat or makes you drink too much.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the modern world, with the UK having one of the highest numbers of overweight people in Europe. Weight management is not only important for your self-esteem, but for the sake of your physical health. Being overweight has been linked to a host of issues, including high blood pressure.

Ailsa Wright regularly helps people in Derbyshire with weight management through the use of hypnotherapy.

Through hypnosis, you can explore the issues that affect your relationship with food, such as poor self-confidence, boredom, lack of exercise, a poor self-image or lack of willpower. All of these are unhelpful problems which hold us back in becoming healthier.

Weight management is just one of the issues hypnotherapy can be used for.

If you’re seeking hypnotherapy for help with weight management in Derbyshire, contact our friendly team for more information.