Whether you struggle with OCD or have compulsions that are difficult to control, hypnotherapy can be highly effective for these and other problems.

Ailsa Wright regularly helps people to break free from negative habits, with hypnotherapy just one of the techniques we use. Based in Cheshire, we attract people from across the local area including Derbyshire.

Many people have reservations about using this method of therapy, fearing they will lose control; but you can rest assured that’s not the case. Participants usually remember everything after a session and you will always be in control throughout the process.

Hypnotherapy is not only effective for people with compulsions and obsessions.

It can also help people struggling with a range of issues, including PTSD, anxiety and depression, phobias and difficulties sleeping. Others find hypnotherapy supports them in quitting bad habits like smoking.

Studies have shown it has a high success rate with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Many people find they need fewer psychotherapy sessions in order to feel better when having hypnotherapy. Ailsa Wright can provide exceptional support in-person or via Zoom sessions.

We regularly help people from across Derbyshire struggling with a range of issues, including the above.

If you’re looking for a clinic for hypnotherapy near Derbyshire, please contact our team for more information.