It’s now extremely common for people to have therapy online. Online counseling is not only more convenient, it enables you to have sessions in the comfort of your own home. Many people feel much more relaxed when they’re in familiar surroundings. You also don’t have to worry about fitting sessions into a busy schedule.

However, many people aren’t sure whether certain processes, like hypnotherapy, can be delivered online. The good news is that they can!

Hypnotherapy can be just as effective delivering online as in person.

However, it’s important to find a qualified therapist who will ensure you benefit from the process, even if it’s delivered remotely. Hypnotherapy works by accessing the part of our mind we don’t ordinarily connect with consciously. By connecting with your subconscious mind it’s much easier to enact positive changes, as this is when many of our worst fears reside.

Ailsa Wright delivers hypnotherapy both online and in person. We help individuals struggling with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety and phobias. Anyone can undergo hypnosis, although it’s more successful with some people than others.

If you wish to arrange an appointment, this can easily be done over phone or online.

If you’re interested in our online hypnotherapy services, please contact our friendly team today.