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Client Testimonials - For East Cheshire Hypnotherapist,
Ailsa Wright

"I had been smoking for 20 years and I am only 34 years old! It has been the last bug bear to solve and I was determined to quit but found that I couldn't quite do it on my own so.... I contacted Ailsa to see if she could help me and I went for a consultation to determine if I would be able to successfully quit with hypnotherapy.

I had already quit alcohol and changed my life for the better and so Ailsa asked me why was I there to see her if I could achieve all this on my own, well we all know how hard it is to stop smoking otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

I had a really comfortable and frank consultation, after which I had my hypotherapy session and since then (2 weeks) I can stay in control still and I have to remind myself sometimes that I haven't had even a glimmer of a thought of smoking, which is weird but incredibly satisfying.

If i can stop smoking using this method, anyone can.

Thankyou Ailsa for helping me to achieve this last bit of freedom in my life.

"Hi Ailsa

I thought I would wait a couple of weeks before writing this so I could see what would happen and how I would feel.

I'm really pleased to report that I am continuing to feel good about myself.  The innate feeling of what I can only describe worthlessness and low self-esteem which I had been living with for so long has now gone and I'm gaining in confidence that it has gone for good.

Going through the process was an amazing experience and it has left me with a lot to build on and develop on a personal basis.  I'm finding myself to be really quite excited about the future and more able to take on what challenges will come this year rather than be scared of them.  Life is pretty good just now!

Hope this finds you well.


"Ailsa, I wanted to leave you a brief note to say thank you again for the past month in which you have helped me gain control along a really important and emotional journey. Your support has been fundamental in eradicating my sleeping problems which has consequently given me my life back. The techniques you have taught me have enabled me to banish old fears of no sleep but most importantly when I change my sleeping patterns and suspect that I am sliding back down that hill towards anxiety I feel I have the power to climb back up again and experience all those lovely feelings of joy and happiness that I thought were lost forever. Thanks to your help I able to remember them and I appreciate very much your support and sincerity. Just knowing that you are there if ever I need to relax and release any emotion is both a comforting and empowering feeling. "

"Hi Ailsa

Not sure if you remember me but I came to see you Jan / Feb. this year?

I would just like to say thanks to your help I lost a stone in weight & and also we was trying for a baby for the last 4 years … I had a miscarriage in 2006 & was trying all different fertility treatments .. I came to you to lose weight & to change my way of thinking about our baby problems as I was getting my self so worked up about everything & my specialist was unsure if I could handle the pressure of IVF

Well good news I had lost a stone in weight & I’m 4 months pregnant! I put this down to the treatment I received from your self as you turn off the panic baby button in my head & changed my focus onto getting healthy & losing weight

I am so appreciative of your help as I feel that one of the main reason why I was not getting pregnant was because of the worry & constant thinking about babies

I can not thanks you enough for the help that you gave me … you changed my life & for this I will always be great full ... thank you :)

As I’m pregnant now & thinking about the birth … I was looking into pain relief & heard about Hypnobirthing … you came to mind straight away & as this really helped me in the past I have great belief  in the practice .. Please could you let me know if this is something that you do or know someone that can help

Many thanks Xx"

Help for ME and anxiety
"Dear Ailsa, I hope this finds you well and happy.

When you said to me, at the start of the sessions I had with you, that it would be a few months after we had finished that I would feel the benefit, I had no comprehension of what you meant, let alone how it would feel.

Well, I do now.

I feel fantastic: my thinking is clearer, I am far more confident, I am more organised, more pro-active and I am regaining parts of my old self that I feared were lost forever. Moreover, I can speak up for myself without fearing I am starting World War III.

I am still recovering from M.E. but wake up every morning really looking forward to the day ahead and feeling great to be alive. I am so excited for my future......Thank you for helping me get to this amazing place and time in my life. Take care and best wishes "
Linda, Cheshire, 2007

Help for depression
"Dear Ailsa,
Having struggled with depression and a form of seperation anxiety for a number of years. I was really getting concerned for my mental health. Medication had not worked, and I was running out of options. I then got in touch with East Cheshire Hypnotherapy centre. I had an initial consultation and then was put on a eight week hypnotherapy course. The outcome was amazing!
It is now very hard for me to remember what I felt like before. My anxiety has gone and I am able to enjoy my life to the full again! Would certainly advise anyone with similar problems to give this a try."
Ralph, Cheshire

Care, attention and professionalism
"Hi Ailsa, Just a note to say a big thankyou for the work we did together. I found the technique very interesting and the benefit i am sure will last. I would also like to thank you personally for the care and attention you gave in the sessions and for your honesty and professionalism. May you continue to bring help to others in your work and may you enjoy health and happiness in your future."

" Dear Ailsa
                  I can`t thank you enough for the help and inspiration you have given me during our course of sessions. You will remember that when I first came to you I was in total despair and thought my world had collapsed. My gradual loss of confidence and low self esteem had resulted in me descending into a depressed state and  I was off work with stress.  At the time I felt highly emotional, scared of everything and everybody, insular and anxious like never before in my life. Added to all this I believed I was a failure and also considered myself sexually inadequate and of little use in my job. In fact I was so terrified at the thought of going back to work I couldn`t even communicate with my employers without having an anxiety attack.

Our sessions have not only restored my confidence and self belief again, but have also dramatically changed the way I think about things and helped me dismiss negative or damaging thoughts. I am back at work, relaxed, confident, and enjoying my life again. I have been smiling and laughing like never before and am still pinching myself at how much I have changed in the last month or so.

I knew from the very first session that this was the right treatment for me, mainly because your professional and caring approach made it easy for me to open up.

I continue to feel better each day and feel incredibly proud of myself for seeing this through. Although it has been a hard and difficult journey, I am comfortable with who I am for the first time in my life. My partner also thinks you are a saint and can`t believe the difference in me.

Keep up the great work and I hope people reading this will be encouraged to get in touch with you, as it is without doubt the most life changing experience I have been through.

Take care and thanks again.



"At a point where I was desperate and felt totally out of control, I 
made probably one of the most important decissions in my life. I rang 

Having been in and out of depression over the last eight years, had 
anti-depressants at various points and even anger management therapy 
at the Priory, hitting my 65 year old father and trying to thow my 
wife out of the house after drinking too much was the final straw. I 
had taken my anger out on those that I loved and was about to loose 

I needed to do something different if my family and I were to survive 
this and I found East Cheshire Hypnotherapy's web site.

Nervously, I rang Ailsa, but she was friendly and professional and we 
booked a consultation to discuss the process and me in more detail.

We started the therapy the next week.

Having always bottled up my emotions sharing them with Ailsa was no 
mean task and opening up to myself, let alone Ailsa was something that 
I was convinced would not happen. However, over the weeks I became 
more relaxed, went deeper under hypnosis and more importantly built up 
a trust with Ailsa. She was not judgemental, not critical but just 
aided in a process of self discovery.

So how did Ailsa help me help myself in the end?

I had been angry in the latter years of my childhood after my parents 
split up, but as I grew up and matured this anger dissapated. However, 
problems at the birth of my first child left me feeling helpless with 
situations out of my control. This and the pressures of a new addition 
to the family and also conflicts at work sent me on the spiral into 
depression which I rollercoasted for the last 8 years, never really 
finishing the ride.

We found, when looking back on my life under hypnosis, key moments 
where re-occuring feelings and emotions of helplessness and anger had 
occurred. Eventually we found the first time I'd felt like this: after 
witnessing a major argument between my mother and father as a child. 
Recognising this simple event and looking back with an adult mind at 
the emotions I was feeling has changed my life.

I am now more confident, know what I want from life and a now feel 
able to get on with it. I have stopped blaming others for my anger and 
it is now as if that part of me has gone. I feel human again and the 
only challenge seems to be getting my wife to believe that I am again 
the carefree confident person she married."

"I had been harbouring issues in my mind from childhood that started to have a significant affect on my adult life. I discovered Ailsa knowing I must do something to purge the demons that were making life very difficult. At the commencement of my treatment I have to admit some scepticism but the therapy Ailsa treated me with had the most profound effect after several weeks. I was able to meet these issues under hynosis head on. To the point now that I understand what was happening and have been able to put these problems back away again but they no longer affect me. Ailsa is absolutely marvellous and is the most undertanding person I have ever met. My life is all the better for having met and been treated by Ailsa Wright"

"I had been considering hypnotherapy for a while and I am very pleased I decided to go for it and especially to contact Aisla. I chose her because I found her website very informative, yet simple and appealing. I was very pleased on my first meeting to meet Aisla with her very friendly and open approach while at the same time being very professional and honest. Throughout my sessions she listened to me, explained and tried different treatment options. During the treatment I found it very easy to relax and to be comfortable to discuss anything. Hypnotherapy has certainly helped me a lot in the short term, has taught me things/behaviours I can use in the future and I given me a very positive and confident outlook. A great part to this I feel has been Aisla herself and I am very thankful to her." 

"I went to see Ailsa after my fear of flying got so bad I had to cancel a flight to my favourite place, Paris. Just a few days before we were due to go i said to my husband I cannot get on that plane I’m sorry! We lost the flight money and I had to pay to get there on the Eurostar it was not cheap. Then I knew I had to do something, so I had hypnotherapy with Ailsa, and it was the best thing ever.  Now I feel really calm about flying and the anxiety just is not an issue. Ailsa is a very intuitive person and extremely professional in her work I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends.

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